Herbs & Teas from the Greek islands

About us

AEGEAN HERBS  is a small company cultivating, gathering and processing organic aromatic and medicinal plants in Amorgos and other greek islands.

All plants grow in natural conditions with minimal human intervention and with an emphasis on endemic species.

We practice biodynamic farming domestic herbs from selected areas of the island.

We harvest and dry all our plants by hand, without the use of any machinery.

Our product collection includes herbal blends, culinary herbs, flavoured sea salt.

What makes our greek herbs special? 


They grow with the least possible human intervention in Amorgos, Cyclades, one of the purest, less polluted areas of Greece. Because they are endemic species they are perfectly adjusted to the microclimate or the island, eliminating the need for any fertilizer or pesticide.

They have very high concentrations of essential oils and active ingredients that makes them very effective and beneficial to the human 

organism and also extremely aromatic and delicious, something that you will find out the moment you try them!

Finally, as we do not use any machinery to cultivate and harvest our plants their carbon footprint is close to zero, causing a minimal burden to our planet.


And so she sleeps, my tender love, naked among cherry blossoms,

a girl unwithering

as an almond branch.

N. Gatsos

Aromatic and medicinal palnts


Discover their uses and benefits thoughout history,

medicine and folk traditions.

Natural, biodynamic and organic farming


What’sthe difference? Why does it matter? Find out here!

Aegean Herbs Products

Herbs, tea mixes, and tisanes,

herbal blends, culinary herbs, flavoured natural sea salt.





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