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Amorgos Wild Oregano

Wild Oregano or Argania as it’s called in Amorgos 

is a rare and unique species endemic to the island.

The herb of the goddess Aphrodite, it was a symbol

of joy, happiness, and peace.

Probably the most popular herb of Greek and 

Mediterranean cuisine in general. Wild oregano is

more fragrant than common oregano and you only need

a small pinch to enjoy its peppery aroma.

Cultivated biodynamically in Amorgos, in the area of Aegiali.


Lemnos Thyme

A symbol of strength and bravery, it sprouted from the tears of Helen of Troy and was the incense that burned at the feasts of the goddess Aphrodite, as it generates

and reinforces desire. Folk tradition says that

where the wild thyme grows, fairies dance and play.

Thyme tisane has immune - boosting properties

while it has many uses as a culinary herb, from excellent marinades to stews, and soups.

Thymus capitatus, a native Aegean variety, is organically grown in Agios Dimitrios of Lemnos.


Chios Pennyroyal

Wild mint or “Fliskouni”, one of the most aromatic Mediterranean herbs. Named after the nymph Minthe,

a river deity and lover of the god Pluto.

It can be enjoyed hot or cold, as a particularly refreshing

a tonic tisane for the mind and body. 

Unlike mint and peppermint, it does not contain

menthol and is safe to consume during homeopathy or if you are allergic to menthol. 

Organically grown in the Chalkio of Chios.


Naxos Melissa (lemonbalm)

Dedicated to the goddess Artemis, Melisa was the elixir

of youth, and since ancient times it has been used

by alchemists and healers for tonic potions.

With its sweet taste and lemony scent, it gives an invigorating and refreshing drink for the hot summer days.

Harvested from organic farms in Sangri,  Naxos.


Amorgos Sage

The unique scent of Alisfakia, as the sage is called 

in Amorgos, awakens the senses.

It is the plant of the god Zeus, the herb of immortality, 

and we first see it depicted in 1,400 BC. in fresco 

in the palace of Knossos in Crete.

It works as a tonic for the whole body, mainly because

of the tannins it contains.

It is cultivated biodynamically in the area of Aegiali, Amorgos


Cretan Mountain Tea

The ancient Greeks called it the “tea of the Titans”.

"Malotira" is one of the most famous species 

of Sideritis, best known as “mountain tea” and grows

in the Cretan mountains.

The name “Malotira” owes it to the Venetians and comes

from the words “male” (sick, evil) and “tirare” (draw)

because they considered it a cure-all

Organically grown in Omalos, at the beginning 

of the famous Samaria Gorge


Paros Dittany

Dictamus, or “erontas” was a favorite plant 

of the healer god Apollo. Tradition has it that the wild goats

of Crete, when injured by a hunter, were chewing dittany

and thus removed the arrow from their body.Its decoction soothes stomach disorders and cold symptoms

Harvested from organic farms in Kamari, Paros


Syros Marjoram

The marjoram was given to the people by the goddess  Aphrodite, who planted it in mount Olympus, and 

like oregano, it symbolized happiness and harmony. 

A favorite herb of the Mediterranean cuisine,

it’s delicious in salads and pasta while it makes 

a pleasant tisane that aids digestion.

Oregano’s sweet cousin is organically grown in Talanta, Syros. 

Beauty Blend Herbal Tea

Helichrysum, pennyroyal, dandelion, orange. 

It has a rejuvenating effect on the cells and combats skin aging. It helps in cases of eczema, acne, skin irritation, burns, and scars. Renews cell function, can dissolve old hematomas and helps in cases of phlebitis. It prevents fluid retention with a mild diuretic action without causing loss of potassium. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially in vitamin C and iron. Citrus peels release essential oils and catechins that give a healthy glow to the skin.

Winter Blend Herbal Tea

Sage, dittany, st. John’s wort, olive. 

It works as a tonic for the whole organism and supports 

the immune system, thanks to the tannins it contains.

Effective in treating cold symptoms, bactericide, antibiotic, 

cardiotonic, expectorant, antispasmodic and a powerful antiseptic, our Winter Blend has germicidal action 

and helps the absorption of vitamin C

Queen's Blend Herbal Tea

Monk’s pepper, calendula, verbena, pennyroyal.

Monk’s pepper is an effective regulator of the female 

hormonal system, adjusting the menstrual cycle by 

increasing levels of progesterone.

 This blend is a natural mood booster and detoxifier.

 It has cell renewal properties, gives a healthy glow to the skin and helps fight bloating and fluid retention.

Consumption by men should be avoided,

as it reduces male libido

Relaxing Blend Herbal Tea

Lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, mallow.

Relaxes body and mind, calms the senses

and releives stress. It improves digestion, the function

of stomach, intestines, kidneys and liver and prepares 

not only for a pleasant sleep, but also for meditation, relaxation exercises, massage and yoga.

Detox Blend Herbal Tea

Thistle, dandelion, verbena, sage.

Our Detox Blend Improves the detoxifying capacity 

of the liver, prevents the formation of fat, and 

contributes to the renewal of cells. 

Tonic and reinforcing the immune system, it prevents 

the creation of free radicals. It stimulates the secretion 

of bile, keeps cholesterol levels low and helps remove toxins from all sources., helping to address cardiovascular 

events and prevent clots.

Smoker's Blend Herbal Tea

Wild oregano, mallow, eucalyptus, olive. 

Soothes a cough, asthma symptoms, acute and chronic bronchitis

and liquefies the sputum. It helps to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, prevents inflammation of the respiratory and the formation 

of ulcers in the mouth and tonsils.It supports the function

of the cardiovascular system, stabilizes blood sugar levels,

regulates cholesterol and protects blood vessels.

Tonic Blend Herbal Tea

Thyme, verbena, rosemary, wormwood.

Gives energy and stimulates the libido.

 Has cardiac tonic and  stress relief properties, 

facilitates digestion, boosts the metabolism and aids fat loss. 

It enhances the function of the brain and the nervous system, 

helps with optimal absorption of vitamins. 

Soothes aching muscles, giving

 elasticity to the joints and the connective tissues.

Inspiration Blend Herbal Tea

Rosemary, lemon balm, st. John’s wort, thyme.

Sharpens memory, stimulates brain functions 

and gives inspiration and clarity. 

Rosemary is considered to contribute to the prevention

of Alzheimer’s disease, while thyme stimulates the senses and hypericum enhances your mood.

Natural sea Salt


Sea salt with Thyme

and Grape Syrup

Natural sea salt, harvested from natural

salt pans, flavored with thyme from Lemnos

and fragrant grape syrup.


Excellent for meat marinades,

chicken dishes and soups.


Sea salt with wild oregano and lemon

Natural sea salt, harvested from natural salt pans, flavored with wild oregano from Amorgos and zest from organic lemon peel.


Try it with  fish, seafood, grilled meat, green salads


Sea salt with ouzo 

and fennel

Natural sea salt, harvested from natural salt pans, flavoredwith ouzo from Mytilene 

and fennel from Amorgos.


Delicious with mussels, shrimp, 

risotto or seafood pasta.

Sea salt with marjoram
and sun dried tomato

Natural sea salt, harvested from 

natural salt pans, flavored

with marjoram from Syros and

sun-dried tomato from Santorini


Try it in red sauces, pizza, greek salad 

or to upgrade your bloody Mary


Sea salt with Rosemary 

and Orange

 Natural sea salt, harvested from natural salt pans, flavoredwith Naxos rosemary

and zest of organic oranges.


Goes well with pork, chicken, oily fish, pumpkin soup, risotto

Sea salt with savory
 and chilli flakes

Natural sea salt, harvested from 

natural salt pans, flavored

with savory “throubi” from Paros

and smoked red chili flakes.


Goes well with all meat dishes and,

winter soups or a gourmet 

cup of hot chocolate.

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